USPS LiteBlue Explained

Friday, December 20th, 2019

What is USPS LiteBlue?

Postal service is one of the outstanding communication channels in the world. Through these services, messages and parcels get to reach various destinations swiftly. 

Gone is the days when dispensing of the postal services was done manually and was very chaotic all over the country. The population growth has led to mass message dissemination requiring the best of services to communicate aptly. The advent of technology has led to the rise of systems that enhance smooth communication across borders.

The advancement in software technology has led to the emergence of the USPS LiteBlue platform (The United States Postal Services). This is an organization accessible on by the postal services employees across the country.  

For ease of workflow, the platform helps in connecting services, news, and controlling of communication flow between teams. The teams combined are of the same services offered across the country aided by the largest retails network. Through the official site, you will find several services rendered.

This portal grants postal services employees’ advantageous rights to access the system and check on orders and details. It has made such work as resource management, funding, and postal records easy, leaner, and organized as opposed to manual work previously performed.

This is a centralized system that handles bulk information such as work assignments, salary details, team management tools, and superior control. The US postal network is the largest in the world and, as such, requires a proper system to attain and sustain flawlessness from one stage to another; this is provided by USPS LiteBLue.

How to Log in to LiteBlue?

This portal is only accessed by the employees of The United States Postal Services (USPS). Before any employee can log in, he or she must have and know his or her employee ID.

 The employee ID has 8 digits and is located in an employee’s earnings statement. Secondly, the USPS password is required to log in.

In a case where you lack one, visit the official site and follow instructions on “Forget Your Password?” section to reset the password upon entering the 8 digits and tapping the button “Verify Employee ID.” A verification link will come to your Gmail requiring you to draw on it to reset the password.

Upon obtaining of the employee ID and USPS password, visit the login page and key in the details appropriately to access the portal. At times, the employee ID may not exist. Instead, there is an Employee Identification Number (EIN). The EIN can be substituted for employee ID in accessing the USPS portal to work. An employee would be required to make use of their USPS PIN in some instances. Should that happen, you are advised to dial 1-877-477-3273, press 1, and correctly provide your employee ID or EIN.

Upon following the steps above, the Pin will be prompted, requiring you to press 2, thereby sending the pin to your registered email address. The pin is a personal identification number assigned to USPS employees to be used in the USPS telephone IVR transactions.

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